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Zoonee Dog Cooling Mat Combo Kit

Zoonee Dog Cooling Mat Combo Kit

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The Zoonee cool mattress isn’t just convenient because it’s easy to move about.
Our product is incredibly washable and easy to clean. We understand what a pain getting dog hair off of furniture and clothes can be, so we wanted to design a bed that could easily be wiped down without ruining the integrity of the pad. The material is waterproof and resistant to cleaners, so you can spray the pad down with most cleaners and simply wipe away any leftover hair, drool, sweat, or any of the other things dogs can leave behind.

Overheating Can Be Very Dangerous for Your Dog.
Sometimes it is easy to forget that dogs have very similar physical responses that us humans do. There are numerous problems that can occur if a dog overheats including an increased heartbeat, elevated blood pressure, seizures, unconsciousness, and death. With our cooling pad, you can decrease the odds of your dog undergoing any discomfort or potential health problems.

Our dog cooling pads do not need to be refrigerated.
Many people assume they have to put this product in a freezer, fridge, or some kind of cooling device to activate the gel. This is completely unnecessary. The weight-activated liquid gel begins cooling as soon as it comes in contact with your pet, so no other preparation is necessary on your part. It’s that simple (NOTE: only the collar is refrigerated).

Rolled Up Package Dimensions
35" Long X 4.5" Diameter (MAT= 35" Long X 27" Wide X 0.25" Thick. COLLAR = 22" Long X 3" Wide X 0.25" Thick)

  • NEVER WORRY ABOUT YOUR BEST FRIEND OVERHEATING Our fur babies are more prone to overheating than we are and don’t have the communication abilities to indicate if they are hot. Aside from panting, drinking lots of water, or whimpering, it may be difficult to know how comfortable your dog is. A great rule of thumb is, if you’re hot, then they are probably even more so with that extra layer of fur. Wherever you are, our cooling gel mat and cooling doggy collar will give your pet relief.
  • HOW IT WORKS Inside the comfortable, synthetic vinyl lining is a self-cooling liquid gel that activates as soon as pressure is applied to the dog bed. When your pet lays on the large mat, he or she should feel cold relief in no time. Freeze the matching collar in the refrigerator to give your animals the heat relief they deserve. The cooling set comes with a mesh bag with handle for mobility and storage.
  • CONVENIENT TO TAKE ANYWHERE The cooling bed for large, medium, and small dogs easily rolls up to fit in its carrying case with the collar, which is about the same weight and resemblance as a fold-up camping chair. You can take this product anywhere with you. It’s great for the park, the beach, the pool, camping, hiking, or just laying out in the back yard. This product is so easy to carry, use, and pack up that it’s not only functional, it provides a soft resting place for your furry friend.

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It works!

I used it this past weekend at a dog seminar and it maintained its cool temp. My dog seemed to love it.

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