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Why us?

Through our unwavering commitment to you and your pet, our promise is to source only the best materials and high quality products your four legged best friends can enjoy. Our items are leaps and bounds above what you'd find in your typical pet stores or other online pet boutiques. From our durable outdoor gear, sweaters, and even suit jackets for dogs to our modern-style pet feeding stations and more. Adventure has no boundaries so when it comes to quality, we won’t settle for just average.


Our Mission

It is our mission to unleash a sense of adventure and curiosity we share with our four legged companions.


Our Vision

To strengthen the bonds between pets and their parents through high quality, durable and fashionable pet products.


Our Journey

Our story began when our founders set out to create a unique online store focused on products that connected pets and their parents on a deeper level. As a company, we wanted our products to focus on the experiences and adventures we share together and the memories we build with our pets that last a lifetime. We get it, we live it everyday and we are very passionate about what we are doing here at ZOOPAR. That is why everything we do and the products we sell are focused on strengthening that bond we share with our four legged friends through finding your “next.”

Share your next adventure with us by following us on social media and tagging #unleashyournext. Let’s see where your next adventure takes you.

With much love from our team in sunny Los Angeles.

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