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How To Celebrate National Pet Day

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National Pet Day, celebrated annually on April 11, is a holiday started in 2006 by Animal Welfare Advocate and Pet Lifestyle Expert Colleen Paige, to celebrate the joy pets bring into our lives.

On April 11, we encourage cat and dog pet parents to give your pets just a little bit more love and extra attention because it’s also a day to commemorate everything special your pets bring to your life on a daily basis.

How can you celebrate your dogs and cats and National Pet Day? Here are a few ideas your pets will love!

  1.   Buy your dog and cat a special new treat.
  2.   Spend more time with them. Give them extra pets and hugs.
  3.   Take your dog on a walk in a neighborhood he’s never been in. The sights and especially the scents will be an additional treat for him.
  4.   Buy your cat a new toy.
  5.   Buy your dogs and cats a new food and water bowl. It’s spring cleaning time anyway, why not start with brand new, fresh water and food bowls!
  6.   Volunteer at a local shelter and give the animals who are waiting for their forever homes some additional attention.
  7.   Donate food, blankets and toys to your favorite shelter to make the lives of the pets there happier.
  8.   Host a National Pet Day party at your house to celebrate your pets and the pets who live with your friends and family.
  9.   Take some brand new photos of you and your pets to mark the holiday.
  10. Visit an elderly neighbor or family member and offer to walk his or her dog, play with his or her cat and bring them some gifts for their pets.

On National Pet Day do something special for the pet you love. Take a few moments to truly think about the ways in which your pet enriches your life. After all, our pets give us so much and they ask for so little, we think they deserve this day to celebrate how amazing they are!

Here are some pet facts you may not have known:

  •        A goldfish, in captivity, can live for up to thirty years!
  •        Dogs only sweat through the pads of their feet. They “cool off” by panting.
  •        About 80 million households in the United States have a pet.
  •        In the United States there are more than 80 million pet dogs and close to 90 million pet cats.
  •        Cats sleep, on average thirteen hours a day.
  •        A group of cats is called a clowder

April is also Pet First Aid Month and in celebration of keeping our pets safe, we will be giving away a free Pet First Aid kit to the first 100 people who place orders this month.

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